How Much Jail Time for Child Pornography

Federal child pornography laws are designed to protect society’s most vulnerable; children. This is why they are as harsh, and anyone caught with child pornography faces legal ramifications. However, with the evolution of technology, it is easy to accidentally view the material or distribute it even without your consent or knowledge. If charged with watching…
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What is the Meaning of Accessory to Murder?

Accessory to murder is a criminal offense that entails a perpetrator or defendant helping or assisting a murderer. The accessory can offer assistance before or after the murder is committed. In most cases, the perpetrator is not present at the crime scene at the time of the murder. In most jurisdictions, accessory to murder is…
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Is Domestic Violence a Felony in Florida? Here’s What You Should Know

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately one in every three women and one in every ten men in the United States have experienced domestic violence in their lifetime. That said, under section 741.28 Florida Statutes, domestic violence is defined as any assault and battery by one family member against another…
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DUI Manslaughter Penalties in Florida – What You Should Know

Did you know that there are over 5,000 reported accident cases each year in Florida alone? All of these accidents are related to alcohol consumption. Additionally, more than 7% of these cases lead to fatal injuries. Despite the reported cases decreasing in recent years, Driving Under the Influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs remains a…
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Comprehensive Guide to Florida Spousal Abuse Laws

When family disputes become abuse accusations, the situation could cause devastating results. Spousal abuse cases get severe treatment in Florida, and the penalties may range from more superficial consequences like temporary restraining orders to severe ones like years behind bars. On the other hand, victims may sustain severe physical and mental injuries with lasting concerns….
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Sexual Battery Vs. Sexual Assault In Florida

A recent comprehensive government survey on sexual offenses and gender-based violence reports that rape cases continue to rise in the United States. According to the research, two out of five women are victims of sex crimes, and six out of ten women experience sexual harassment at the workplace at some point. The statistics show that…
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How Long Does a DUI Stay On Your Record?

Driving under the influence might seem like a minor offense to be charged with, but you’ll be surprised how many people get arrested for this common criminal offense. The Department of Justice compiled data that shows more than one million people in the US get arrested for driving under the influence every year. Since it’s…
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How Much Jail Time for Drug Trafficking

Many people assume that drug trafficking is similar to drug dealing. However, each of these offenses is governed by different federal and state laws. Generally, drug trafficking involves distributing, selling, transporting, or manufacturing banned drugs. The severity of your punishment will depend on the measurements and weight of the drugs. Also, you may be guilty…
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Understanding Florida Statutory Rape Charges and Penalties

The state of Florida has strict sexual offense laws, and any form of violation can result in severe penalties ranging from several years in state prison to hefty fines to a lengthy criminal record. One example of sexual offenses is statutory rape, which most people tend to be charged with because they are ignorant of…
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