Robbery, otherwise known as Strong Arm Robbery, is a serious offense under Florida law. It is a type of theft where force, assault, threats, or violence is used. Do not take the crime of robbery or robbery with a deadly firearm lightly. A robbery offense can result in felony charges, steep fines, a probation period, and even possible incarceration.

Those who have been accused of robbery should seek legal representation. Having an attorney on your side can greatly increase your chances of having reduced or dismissed charges. A skilled attorney can evaluate all aspects of your charges, explore all legal options, and create a strong defense.

Robbery Attorneys in St. Lucie County, Florida

If you or someone you know has been arrested for robbery or robbery with a deadly weapon, it is crucial that you contact an attorney. Florida’s justice system is incredibly complex. Filing motions, suppressing evidence, and handling court documents can be overwhelming. Give yourself some peace of mind. Contact a skilled criminal defense attorney at Meltzer & Bell.

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Overview for Robbery Charges in Florida

Elements of Robbery Charges in Florida

Florida Statute § 812.13 outlines the elements the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt, to convict a person of robbery. These elements include:

  • The alleged offender took money or property from the alleged victim;
  • The alleged offender committed larceny with the intent to permanently or temporarily deprive the alleged victim of his or her right to the property or any benefit from it or to appropriate the property of the victim to his or her own use or the use of any person not entitled to it;
  • The alleged offender used force, assault, violence, or threat during the commission of the offense; and
  • The property or money was of some value.

Florida Penalties for Robbery in St. Lucie County, FL

The crime of robbery is a second degree felony. It is assigned as a Level 6 offender severity ranking under Florida’s Criminal Punishment Code. The following are the maximum legal penalties for a person convicted of Robbery in Florida.

  • Up to 15 years in prison;
  • Possible probation for up to 15 years; and
  • Possible fine of up to $10,000.

Enhanced Penalties for Robbery with a Firearm in Florida

Penalties for a robbery offense can be enhanced. If the alleged offender was in possession of a firearm or other deadly weapon during the commission of the offense, then the legal consequences are elevated. Robbery with a firearm or other deadly weapon is a first degree felony. A first degree felony has the following legal ramifications:

  • Maximum prison sentence of 30 years; and
  • Possible fine of up to $10,000

Take note, if a person attempts to commit robbery and is unsuccessful then the same penalties apply.

Possible Defenses for Robbery Charges in Port St. Lucie, FL

The legal consequences for a robbery offense are intimidating. However, there is no need to give up hope. You have a right to obtain legal representation to help you formulate a strong defense. An attorney can investigate your charges and uncover all your legal options.

The following are some defenses that may be used in court to fight robbery offenses.

  • Claim of Right Defense – If the alleged offender has reasonable belief that he or she is the owner or was entitled to the property or money taken. If this is proven, then the act may not be considered a robbery.
  • Mere Presence – Florida law states that mere presence at the scene of the crime, questionable behavior after the commission of the crime, or mere knowledge that the offense is being committed is not enough to convict a person of robbery. For instance, if you are out with a friend and that person impulsively commits robbery, the court cannot convict you as a participant of the offense. The prosecution can only prove you were an accomplice is if you did actions to assist with the robbery.
  • Afterthought Defense – If the theft was an afterthought following an act of force or violence, this is not considered robbery. It can however be considered robbery by sudden snatching.

Additional Resources

Robbery Laws in Florida – Visit the official website for the Florida Senate. Find more information regarding the statutory language of theft, robbery, and other related crimes. Learn the charge’s elements, penalties, and what is considered an admissible defense in court.

Standard Florida Jury Instructions for Robbery – Visit the official website for the Florida Supreme Court. Here you can access Florida’s Standard Jury Instructions for Criminal Cases. Jury instructions refer to the procedures and laws the jury uses to determine a verdict for a criminal charge. Find more information regarding robbery jury instructions, and what a grand jury may look for in a standard robbery case.

Lawyer for Robbery in Port St. Lucie, Florida

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This article was last updated on September 5, 2018.