2020 DWLS Martin County

Facts: Our client was released from prison in early 2020 and was slowly getting back to work. However, due to unpaid court costs and child support while in prison his license was suspended and he was caught driving and charged when driving on a suspended license. Before coming to us he found out he had a revoked bond and panicked and missed court. So, he was facing sitting in jail with no bond when he called our firm.

Result: We worked with our client to turn himself in on the open warrants and appeared at his first appearance. We were able to convince the judge to dismiss the failure to appear and set aside the bond revocation. He was released that day with a new court day. At that court date we decided to plea to the court and attempt to avoid the jail offer extended by the state. Based on the evidence we presented and the arguments we made the judge placed him on probation so that he will not be going back into custody.