2024 Burglary and Resisting With Violence (Polk County)

Facts: Our client was arrested after a call for someone trying to get into a home. When law enforcement arrived our client was found in the middle of the road in the area. When officers attempted to take him into custody he resisted with physical force.

Results: We got involved immediately after our client’s arrest and were able to speak with the family and get our client a bond which the family could afford and that allowed him to return to his family home. After completing depositions and analyzing the case we made the decision to enter a plea to the court rather than accepting the state’s offer of 30 months in prison, which is what our client scored. After about a 2 hour sentencing hearing we were able to convince the judge that our client qualified for and should be granted a downward departure sentence. Ultimately, he was sentenced to a period of supervision, which allowed him to go home with his family and continue to work.