Battery (St. Lucie County)

Facts: Our client was arrested for battery after having a verbal argument with her husband in their car. When they pulled into the driveway her husband and got out of the car and came to her side of the vehicle. Unfortunately, the entire encounter was caught on a neighbor’s doorbell camera and they called 911. When law enforcement arrived our client had injuries on her neck. Both she and her husband indicated there was no physical contact. The officers felt the video footage showed apparent physical contact by our client towards her husband and she was arrested and spent the night in jail.

Results: Our client came to see us the day after she got out of jail. We immediately contacted the state attorney’s office letting them know our client’s story. We made a point to let them know that both parties indicated no physical contact and highlighted that our client had injuries, which were also documented by law enforcement. Once confirming the parties’ statements the state chose not to file formal charges the very next day after hiring our firm. Our client was able to go home to be with her kids.