Drug Possession (Martin County)

Facts: Our client’s mother contacted us because our client was picked up in Georgia on a warrant from Martin County and was not being explained the process for extradition. All the information that was available was that he was charged with possession of a controlled substance and unlawful use of a two-way communication device.

Results: We were able to explain the entire process to our client’s mother who was able to have someone meet with the client in the jail in Georgia and have him sign proper papers to waive extradition to get him back to Florida. Despite many attempts, the state would not agree to dismiss the warrant or allow our client to post bond in Georgia. We were, however, able to provide our client’s mother with a bondsman and make arrangements for him to be released immediately upon him being transported to Florida. In just a couple of weeks after our client bonded out of the jail the state filed the paperwork indicating they would not be pursuing the case against our client and he was free to remain in Georgia with his child and family!