Martin 2021 VOP (DUI); St Lucie 2021 (Possession of a Revoked Driver’s License)

Facts: Our client was placed on probation for a DUI, which resulted in his driver’s license being confiscated by law enforcement at the time of his arrest. While on probation the client’s license was suspended and he was unable to drive. While riding in the passenger’s seat his friend was stopped by the police who asked to see our client’s identification. Unfortunately, our client had not gone to the DMV to have an ID card issued and he was using an old driver’s license – which is illegal. This arrest led not only to new charges, but also the violation of his DUI probation.

Result: We were able to first, secure a notice to appear for the violation rather than a no bond warrant allowing our client to remain out of custody while we worked to resolve both of his cases. Additionally, we were able to speak with the prosecutors in both counties and explain how our client was attempting to do the right thing and we were able to secure him a withhold on the new charge for possessing a revoked driver’s license with no other punishment but to pay statutory costs and to have his probation reinstated with no additional conditions.