Second DUI – Martin County

Facts: Our client was traveling home with a group of friends in his vehicle. He made several lane changes, using his turn signal, and made a wide left turn to enter the Wawa gas station for a late-night snack. He was stopped for erratic driving and a DUI investigation was conducted which resulted in our client’s second arrest for DUI within 5 years. He was made an offer from the state to resolve his case, which included jail time.

Result: We got to work becoming familiar with the facts of the case and diligently researching the law cited by the officer as the basis for the traffic stop. We soon realized there was an issue with the lawful basis for the stop and filed a motion to suppress. The state was not willing to negotiate a better offer so we had the motion heard. The judge agreed with us and ruled to suppress the entire stop resulting in the case being dismissed for lack of evidence!