Motion to Early Terminate Probation (Martin County) 2023

Facts: Our client was original sentenced to a period of prison followed by 5 years of sex offender probation. After 2 years it was agreed he could ask the court to end probation early. But, the entire time he was in prison and the 2 years he was on probation he was not able to speak to his children and his family life suffered.

Result: We confirmed with probation that our client had completed all conditions required of him on probation. We got letters from our client’s family and other members of his treatment group. We presented the court with proof that our client had started his own business and made it a priority to complete everything required in a reduced period of time. Despite the state arguing that our client has been successful on probation and that being on probation hasn’t prohibited him from doing so he should remain on probation to be supervised. Ultimately, the judge disagreed and granted our motion to allow our client’s probation to end which allows him to now reconnect with his children.