Sale of Cocaine (Indian River County)

Facts: Our client was arrested on 3 separate warrants for sale and possession of cocaine on 3 separate dates. All of the sales for which he was charged occurred with the same confidential informant. Based on the charges and our client’s criminal history he was facing potential prison time.

Results: Once we came onto the case we reviewed all of the evidence provided by the state and noticed some inconsistencies. We proceeded to set depositions for the officers involved on this case and based on the information elicited at depositions the state’s offer went from 36 months to 24 months. The case was then set for trial and when our client decided he did not wish to accept the offer we filed a motion to disclose the confidential informant. That motion revealed that the confidential informant was deceased and ongoing negotiations resulted in our client entering a plea to 2 years of probation with early termination after 1 year as a downward departure.