St. Lucie 2021 (VOP; Battery by Detainee)

Facts: Our client was placed on probation and set up with housing at a group home through probation. He decided he wanted to live elsewhere and was found wondering the streets of Fort Pierce which led to a violation of his probation for leaving his residence without notice or approval from his probation officer. While in custody he unfortunately got into an argument which led to a physical fight with another inmate which led to added charges.

Result: When we came onto the case the violation had been pending for several months, but the new case for battery was brand new. Ultimately, the state did not file charges on the new battery and our client was left with solely the violation of probation. After conversations with the state attorney about the circumstances surrounding the client’s violation and the nature of the new battery charge – which never came to light – we were about to secure our client a reinstatement of his probation and get him out of jail.