Sexual Offenses

Sex crimes carry a social stigma that can follow you for the rest of your life. Not to mention the severe punishment that accompanies such a conviction. Even if you are found innocent, just the accusation alone is enough to have your life turned upside down.

Sexual offenses include a wide range of crimes such as rape, child molestation, sexual assault, and prostitution. Regardless of the crime, it is imperative that you speak with an experienced sex crimes attorney.

Attorney for Sexual Offenses in Treasure Coast, FL

If you are being investigated for a sex crime in the Treasure Coast area, it would be in your best interest to contact Meltzer & Bell as soon as possible. Meltzer & Bell has a proven record of defending clients accused of sexual offenses in the Treasure Coast and our attorneys will strive to achieve the best possible outcome for your situation.

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Overview of Sexual Offenses in Treasure Coast, FL

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Sexual Offenses in Florida

Sexual offenses encompass a great deal of crimes in Florida. Listed below are some of the most common sex crimes in Florida.

Prostitution/ Solicitation: Defined under Section 796.07 of the Florida Statutes, prostitution is considered the act of giving or receiving sexual acts for hire in exchange for money. Solicitation, on the other hand, is regarded as the participation in prostitution. Penalties for prostitution and solicitation can range from 60 days to five years of imprisonment and up to $10,000 in fines.

Sexual Battery: Section 794.01 defines sexual battery as the oral, anal or vaginal penetration of the sexual organ of another or by an object against the victim’s consent. Penalties for sexual battery can range from 15 years to life in prison.

Solicitation of a Child: This involves soliciting a child via the Internet and is defined under section 847.0135 of the Florida Statutes. The crime can also include intentionally exposing one’s genitals to a child over the Internet and traveling to meet with a child to engage in illegal sexual conduct. Solicitation of a child is punishable by up to 15 years in prison and $10,000 in fines.

Child Pornography: This crime is classified as a third-degree felony and includes the selling, producing, distributing, promoting and possessing any material that depicts a minor engaging in any sexual act. Penalties for child pornography can range from five to 15 years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines.

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Sex Offender Registration

If you are convicted of any sexual offenses in the state of Florida, you may be required to register as a sex offender under state law. When you register, you will be required to provide a significant amount of information such as your name, date of birth, a photo of yourself, where you work, your address and much more.

All of this information, including your photo, address and arrest date will be made public for anyone to view. Once registered, you will not be allowed to live within 1,000 feet of a school, daycare, playground or park. You will also lose the right to work in certain places and the right to own a firearm.

As a registered sexual offender or predator, you will be required by law to comply with Florida’s registration requirements. Failing to do so can result in being charged with a felony and sent to jail.

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Additional Sexual Offenses Resources in Treasure Coast, FL

Sexual Battery | Florida Statute 794.011 – Read through the state statute that governs sexual battery in Florida. The law defines the crime and the penalties that come with it. The statute can be read on Online Sunshine, the official website for the Florida Legislature.

Prostitution and Related Acts | Florida Statute 796.07 – Follow this link to Online Sunshine to read through the Florida Statute that governs prostitution in the state. The law defines what prostitution and solicitation as well as penalties and aggravating factors.

Sexual Offenses

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Lawyer for Sexual Offenses in Treasure Coast, FL

Being arrested for a sex crime is an offense that is taken very seriously in Florida. You will need the guidance of an experienced defense attorney from Meltzer & Bell on your side to help you fight the allegations. Our attorneys will strive to protect your rights and achieve the best possible outcome for your situation.

We defend clients in communities along the Treasure Coast that include Martin and Saint Lucie. Call Meltzer & Bell today at (772) 248-1215 to set up a consultation or submit your information in the online form.

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