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This was the second time I was in need of Meltzer & Bell. My first experience seven years ago was flawless so I used them again when I received a citation for a driving violation. I phoned on a Sunday morning and Attorney Meltzer returned my call, promptly from a golf course, which I thought was pretty dedicated of him. He immediately took my case and proceeded to direct me to my next action, which replaced my anxiety with hope. When it came time for my court appearance I was unable to be present however, Attorney Steven Bell and associates like Attorney Carmen took care of all my concerns and my case was dismissed due to their professional wisdom, experience, and cooperation with the courts. I also have to Thank Judge Damico For his dedicated interest in justice and his compassionate humor for us nervous clients. I highly recommend Meltzer&Bell, should you ever start getting all those advertisements in the mail after an unfortunate traffic violation. They are the best in my experience. I love these guys.

  • – Barbie Jo C. Google user

As a colleague of Whitney Duteau’s, I can truly say she is a zealous advocate for her clients. I have seen her try numerous criminal cases. She knows her way around a courtroom. Whitney researches the issues and presents the best defense possible because she recognizes what is at stake for her clients. She is not afraid to make the state meet its burden. Above all, Whitney cares about who her clients are as people and never will you feel that she is judging you for what brought you to her office. I highly recommend her should you be charged with a misdemeanor or felony.

  • – Jeanette L. Google user

I recently obtained Metlzer and Bell, P.A. to assist with a HTO charge. I was hesitant at first because just as any law firm there is no guarantee your going to get exactly what you want. However, Whitney Duteau went over and behind. Not only did she ensure that all of my questions were answered in a timely manner she immediately addressed my case and was able to obtain amazing results! Honestly even if it did not go in my favor I would still be satisfied with the service provided. There was never a delay in communication and always provided the reassurance that I was in the best hands. If your looking for a law firm that is truly for you don’t hesitate Meltzer and Bell, P.A. is the firm for you.

  • – TT P. Google user

From the first time I spoke to Steve to the end of my court date, David and Steve were the best professional lawyers I’ve ever ever had in my life. They went over and beyond, they kept me posted ,they called me themselves and I didn’t have to hunt them down. They literally took care of me, made me feel comfortable ,let me know exactly what was going on when I didn’t have to worry and I think God for David when he went to court with me. The Plea went through and I’m grateful Beyond approach. They’re still helping me with other things that I’ve got problems with in other areas. They reach out ,they care and that’s something really big to say about attorneys. May God bless them, their firm and if you really want a good lawyer who is there for you through thick and thin don’t even hesitate to call them.

  • – Erin R. Google user

I ran into some legal issues, and after doing some research landed on the decision of speaking with Meltzer & Bell. They responded within hours of reaching out to them, on a Saturday, I was setup with an appointment for the following day to discuss my situation.

David has been great, we have reviewed the case, corresponding evidence, and he has given very sound advice using his history with the courts and previous clients to work towards the best possible outcome.

While things didn’t turn out perfect, they did turn out great, we fought for the things worth fighting for and took what the courts had to offer in return.

I believe without experienced representation, which I believe reputation also plays a part in the outcome, things could have been A LOT worse.

Thank you David and Meltzer and Bell for all you have done for me!

  • – Jerry B. Google user

She went above and beyond given the circumstances she was honest and delivered if you need an amazing lawyer she is definitely your gal Whitney is honest and works hard for her clients!!!!!

  • – Pangon B. Google user

I never thought I would find myself needing a lawyer, but unfortunately that was not the case. The reviews for Meltzer and Bell were great. Steve was away and his partner met me on a Saturday morning. Larry Meltzer immediately put me at ease and started the process to get the charges reduced. Stressed beyond anything anyone could ever imagine unless you have been in that situation. Steve Bell put everything into action, his response time is like no other. Whenever I had questions, he would respond immediately to text, email or a phone call. He was able to get the charges reduced to a misdemeanor and in a year my record will be sealed. Meltzer and Bell are a young innovative, knowledgeable and aggressive group of attorneys who know the system. They know what they are doing and are available at just about any time of the day or night. They are best!! I recommend them and give them top accolades.

  • – J S. Google user

Meltzer & Bell, PA is the best law firm in South Florida. Their qualified attorneys and legal assistants deliver the best results when representing their clients. I highly recommend this firm for your legal concerns that you, your family or your friends may have. I have and will always use them with the understanding that no other firm will work harder to get you the best outcome!

  • – Sherry R. Google user

I have been a practicing lawyer in the state of Florida for 27 years and I have referred many felony and misdemeanor matters to Meltzer & Bell. I have met many attorneys in this area of practice and believe me when I say all lawyers are not equally qualified; but all the lawyers in their firm are top notch attorneys and very knowledgeable about the law. They are excellent seasoned trial lawyers and zealous advocates for their clients. If anybody is charged with any crime in the treasure coast please do not hesitate and contact these guys, you will not be disappointed.

  • – Devon P. Google user

Living out of the state of Florida but in need of an attorney in Florida; during my research I came upon the firm of Meltzer & Bell, P.A. I called their office, and Steven Bell personally answered the phone. Upon explaining my situation, Steven assured me that they would be back in touch. Very shortly, I received a call from Tiffany Murphy, Legal Assistant to take all of my information. I was then informed that David Goudreau would be assigned to taking care of us. David is amazing! He will work diligently for you and treat you with the utmost respect keeping you informed each step of the way. I just can’t say enough good things about David and the team at Meltzer and Bell. If you find yourself in need of an attorney, I highly recommend the firm of Meltzer and Bell. You definitely want them defending you!

  • – Gaile D. Google user

If you’re looking for a professional, reliable, experienced lawyer look no further!! The team at Meltzer and Bell helped me through a very difficult situation and was able to give me the best advice and support throughout the whole process. Steve was always there when I needed him or had a question regarding my case. I am very satisfied with the final results and will be referring this law firm to all of my family and friends.

  • – Diane S. Google user

I had the pleasure of having a consultation with Larry when I was met with false allegations of sexual misconduct at work. Larry was very thorough in exploring my timeline and evidence, and in coming up with a plan of action. He truly cared about protecting me and having the truth come out in a timely fashion. Larry is extremely dedicated, compassionate, and quite clearly an expert in criminal defense. His entire team was fantastic and quite clearly in my corner. Everyone in that firm from Steve Bell, to the admin team were absolutely incredible. I am very impressed with the firm. Great team! I would recommend Larry and this firm to anyone that has been falsely accused of a crime.

  • – Giovanni G. Google user

This firm was great! Whitney and Brandon were extremely responsive, if they did not have an answer on the spot they got back to me within the day. They responded to both calls and texts very well. They were also very kind. They made the whole process as easy as it could possibly be under my circumstances.

  • – Kaleigh M. Google user

I can’t recommend Melter and Bell in Stuart, FL highly enough. Working with Steven Bell and Ari Goldberg on a case where I felt that the cards were stacked against me turned out to be the biggest advantage I could have asked for. Not only were they so diligent and prompt in responding to my everything question (and believe me- I had a lot of questions since I had never been in a situation where I needed criminal attorneys before), they worked so diligent And got me even BETTER results than I had expected! I now will only use them and recommend others to this law firm! Best decision you will ever make!

  • – Cindy B. Google user

This firm helped a friend of mine. They were so professional and fast I decided to give them a review. I hope no one ever finds themself in serious trouble however, life happens and I couldn’t recommend this group of Attorney’s any higher. I’m going to try to live a life not needing their help but, they would be my FIRST CALL if I ever needed an Attorney.

  • – Pam M. Google user

I would highly recommend Steve to anyone in need of an attorney with expertise in criminal law. Steve was able to prove innocence and resolve the situation quickly for a family member. Steve is well worth the time and investment required. You get what you pay for. Steve is well worth it. I would not hesitate to retain his services again.

  • – Mark V. Google user

Great experience with David Gourdreau. David’s attention and care for my case was solid and on point. A simple driver license issue, my case was probably not the most dire situation that some of his other clients might have been facing, but David responded to every email and picked up every call. He sent me updates at the end of the day and even communicated during the weekend. All was resolved swiftly and I am very happy with the service from David and his colleauges. I highly recommend him for anyone that wants top service from a trusted professional.

  • – Kenyatta B. Google user

David Goudreau was awesome, he took care of my case quick and kept me out of jail! He successfully had my probation terminated even after violating, definitely recommend Meltzer and Bell for any DUI/probation related court issues, they’re the best.

  • – Kayla W. Google user

The entire staff along with Mr. Bell are absolutely the best. They are extremely professional, responsive, knowledgeable, and had my best interests constantly in mind. They always went the extra mile for me and will for you too. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney!

  • – Peter M. Google user

When I was wrongfully arrested because of someone lying to the police, Steve Bell and David Goudreau helped me with getting both felonies no filed (all charges dropped) within about 2 weeks. After that, they helped me get a restraining order against the person who had attacked me and lied to the police. The first best thing you can do is stay away from my ex because she is totally nuts. The second best thing you can do is hire this firm to handle your case. I don’t think I would have the peace in my life that I do without this team. Still obviously a lot to work through mentally, but legally this team helped me get results that will change my life forever and made me feel I got some justice served.

  • – Stephen R. Google user

Brandon Denitz is a great attorney and truly cares about his clients. In my case, there was a personal relationship type atmosphere.

  • – Sterling S. Google user

Brandon Dinetz was so amazing from day one, never made me feel ashamed or anything about my case just helpful from the start!! Brandon was always there to answer any questions I had considering I was so scared being the first time in any trouble!! Thank you for helping me restart my future.

  • – Alexis L. Google user

This was possibly the dumbest mixup with the worst consequences. I reached out to Larry and within minutes he called me back. He assured me that him and his team will work around the clock to resolve this. And he was right! David, Larry’s colleague, got the case dismissed in under 24 hours. Highly recommend!

  • – Susie H. Google user

This practice has a very good team of lawyers that gave me the best service and were very efficient. I highly recommend them. You will not be disappointed. 5 stars all the way.

  • – Michelle C. Google user

These folks took care of me so efficiently, that I never even had to enter a court room. I highly recommend them and would trust them again for any legal needs. Great job guys! Xo

  • – Jennifer W. Google user

I was skeptical due to my case. I must admit, Meltzer & Bell reminded on top of everything for the perfect outcome! Thank you once again!

  • – Todd M. Google user

Thank you for getting me out of trouble.. I don’t think I would have been able to do it without your help.

  • – Alberto A. Google user

He’s a great lawyer and very responsive, I wouldn’t of wanted anybody else handling my case.

  • – Anonymous Google user

They are very on point. The law firm dropped everything the day I called n drove to ft Myers to get things stared yes it ended very well would highly recommend.

  • – Vicki E. Google user

Super recommended attorney David Goudreau. He helped and guided me through my case. He was always willing to answer my questions and help me at all times. Receiving their support was a great help during the trial process. Thank you so much for everything. If one day you have a federal felony case, don’t hesitate to contact them.

  • – Reinel M. Google user

Words cannot accurately describe how pleased I am with calling this firm for help. I have never called a lawyer before and was extremely impressed. The service was fair priced, the response and service was very professional and they work very quickly! They answered all of my questions and kept me informed of what was going on. Extremely pleasant and great to work with. With out a doubt if you need someone call them!

  • – Kandi C. Google user

Whitney Duteau is an excellent attorney. She can think outside the box which helps the client get to the best resolution. I am happy she is on the side of the accused. Her compassion and dedication towards her clients are obvious when you see her in court. She is an attorney I would recommend to family because I know she will take care of them like it was her own.

  • – Wendy Google user

She went above and beyond given the circumstances she was honest and delivered if you need an amazing lawyer she is definitely your gal Whitney is honest and works hard for her clients!!!!!

  • – Krislande I. Google user

Paul Bernard was above and beyond what any normal standards are for any lawyer hands down. I’m super thankful for his time, quality, and I guess what you could call friendship during the course of my legal issues. I highly recommend him and his firm to anyone in a “sticky situation” 😉

  • – Ashley B. Google user

Great experience throughout my case paul did everything best in my interest To keep out jail on violation of probation. Will recommend to any family or friends. Thank you

  • – Jerry V. Google user

There are lots of choices for attorneys in the marketplace. When one chooses an attorney there are certain qualities that the client desires, very much influenced by the circumstances of the client’s needs.
This firm has demonstrated a sincere desire not only to identify and recognize these needs, but the firm also reflected an acutely accurate sensitivity to the emotion of the client regarding the alleged charges and the implications of such. This, I found, was priceless and reinforced the confidence in the fact that I had retained the best representation that I could have had in Meltzer & Bell, P.A.

  • – Ira F. Google user

Highly recommend Paul Bernard was able to get my case dismissed in a matter of days and was always communicating with me and keeping me in the loop

  • – Bryan M. Google user

Whitney Duteau was the attorney who worked on my husband’s difficult case. She was both incredibly responsive and professional throughout the entire process. Ms. Duteau was able to resolve my husband’s case with a positive outcome and I would highly recommend her as an attorney, especially with difficult cases.

  • – Angela E. Google user
My friend recommended Meltzer and Bell to me and from the very beginning they were professional and answered all my questions. Even though they were based in Palm Beach County and my case was in Martin County I had no issues in having a clear line of communication. My case was ultimately won thanks to the efforts of Whitney and it was such a relief to know they were on my side. I would like to thank Steve, Brandon, and Whitney for all their work in helping me win my case. I would highly recommend this attorneys for anyone that is looking to hire a knowledgeable and professional team.
  • – Alexander M. Google user
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