Meltzer & Bell Achieves Unanimous Not-Guilty Verdict in High-Profile Fleeing Case

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On March 29, 2023, a jury of six unanimously found Jerome Johnson not guilty of fleeing with disregard for the safety of persons, after an hour of deliberation. Johnson had been arrested on March 11, 2021, accused of leading deputies on a high-speed chase in a red Camaro. Defense attorney Whitney Duteau of Meltzer & Bell presented a compelling case that raised reasonable doubt, ultimately leading to the not-guilty verdict.

Deputy William Jolly clocked Johnson’s car at 102mph in a 60mph zone and attempted to pull the car over, pursuing for about 5 miles. However, the deputy never managed to catch up to the driver, and there was always traffic between them. Johnson was later apprehended by Deputy Robert Murtagh, and he claimed he did not realize the other deputy was trying to pull him over.

During the trial, a video submitted by the defendant showed Johnson emphatically stating he did not see the officer. The defense lawyer admitted Johnson was speeding but argued that he was on trial for deliberately eluding the police, not speeding. The jury was not convinced that Johnson knew the deputy was trying to pull him over, and they could not establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

The law firm representing Johnson, Meltzer & Bell, P.A. successfully defended their client, highlighting the importance of paying attention to reasonable doubt and ensuring that justice is served. The firm’s incredible work and dedication to the case ultimately resulted in the not-guilty verdict for Johnson, who could have faced up to five years in prison if found guilty.

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