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With over 500 combined jury trials by verdict, Meltzer & Bell, P.A. has a proven track record of winning difficult cases throughout Florida. Protect your legal rights immediately with our team of experienced criminal defense lawyers.
Hire experienced criminal defense lawyers that will fight to provide the best defense for your criminal matter every step of the way.

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Meltzer & Bell, P.A. has a proven history of delivering outstanding results for our clients across a broad range of complex criminal matters. Our criminal defense practice is highly regarded in Florida for protecting the rights of anyone arrested and facing criminal charges.

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CHARGE(S): Manslaughter (Reoffender)
CHARGE(S): Driving Under the Influence (Violation of Probation)
CHARGE(S): Possession of Marijuana

Criminal Defense Attorneys Meltzer & Bell, P.A.

It happens so fast, one moment you are navigating your daily life, and the next, everything changes. Flashing police lights, interrogations, and arrest procedures may just be the beginning. Every decision you make counts when facing criminal charges. Every statement that you make when you're accused of a crime can be used against you to take away your freedom.

Every minute that you delay hiring a criminal defense lawyer could place you closer to facing jail time or receiving expensive penalties. You must protect yourself with trusted legal representation FROM AN EXPERIENCED ATTORNEY before you proceed any further

Our Strategic Approach

Our criminal law defense firm has extensive experience gained from hundreds of different cases across every area of criminal law. We can assist with delivering a strategic criminal defense that aligns with the unique circumstances of your case.

Whether you need a criminal defense lawyer to defend your felony case at trial or negotiate a plea bargain with a public defender in court for a DUI, we can help with every aspect of criminal proceedings.

Our team of defense lawyers are waiting to assist you with any crime from DUI to Manslaughter.

Make Your First Step The Right One

When you're arrested for a criminal offense, the first step is hiring the right criminal defense attorney.

You must obtain advice from a skilled criminal defense lawyer as soon as you've been charged with any criminal offense for the best outcome.

A criminal defense attorney from Meltzer & Bell, P.A. will put your legal rights first and advocate aggressively on your behalf using the best defense available.

Criminal Defense Lawyers That Understand What Is At Stake

Contact an attorney at Meltzer & Bell law offices today who values you and understands what is at stake in your criminal case.

Call our law offices on (772) 248-1215 to schedule a free consultation with a lawyer and start building your criminal defense today.

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Every criminal defense attorney at Meltzer & Bell is dedicated to achieving the best outcome for all our clients. Our skilled team of criminal defense attorneys can assist with every area of criminal proceedings, from white collar crimes to misdemeanors to defending the prosecution of more serious criminal defense matters.

Whether you've been charged with DUI or need assistance at trial for a serious felony charge, our law office is ready to help with your criminal case.


A criminal defense lawyer is by your side when you need it the most.

We understand that criminal charges can happen to anyone at any time and can be based solely on incorrect information falling into the wrong hands.

When everything feels like it is slipping through your fingers, we're ready to help you get your life back on track.

Your Dedicated Criminal Defense Law Firm

The Florida justice system can be extremely challenging for a defendant to navigate without assistance from an experienced criminal defense law firm.

You need a fierce legal advocate fighting for your rights to protect your freedom.

Get help from a dedicated criminal defense firm to avoid prison time or ensure you're not facing the maximum sentence in court for felony charges.


Meltzer & Bell are criminal defense experts that have successfully helped hundreds of clients with challenging criminal cases. Our professional attorneys can assist you by delivering a better outcome when facing criminal charges.

We work with you to understand your unique situation and develop a targeted plan to provide the best outcome for your criminal case.

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  • 5 stars
    I was charged with Driving under the influence with the intent for the legal system to impose greater offences. Steve and Ari came together and diplomatically negotiated a reduced penalty with greater than expected results with minimal to limited disruption to my life. Their expertise helped this extremely challenging situation move seamlessly through the system. I highly recommend their service if you run into this unfortunate circumstance in your life.
    - Jeremy S.
  • 5 stars
    Meltzer and Bell was with me during my tough time facing my first offense DUI. They were able to understand my situation and get me the help I needed when facing the law. Steven Bell in particular is very professional, attentive and easy to talk to. He offered me advice anytime that I needed. My misdemeanor was handled easily and quickly thanks to him and his team! Would never pick any other lawyer for any of my issues. They’re the best and my favorite to work with! Highly recommend!
    - Cyndi D.
  • 5 stars
    Very professional Attorneys who Deliver on their word, They are not afraid to fight for you.
    - Landgren.

FAQS - Common Criminal Defense Law Questions

Can you assist with defending clients that have multiple DUIs?

Yes, our firm can assist clients with defending DUI charges, even if this is not the first time they have been charged with this offense. Multiple DUIs are a very serious matter in Florida and require legal representation to avoid severe penalties being imposed. Request a free consultation with an attorney today.

Which areas of criminal law do you specialize?

Our law firm has expert lawyers specializing in every area of Florida criminal law, from arrest to trial. We have an experienced attorney who can help with any criminal cases regardless of the crimes you have been accused of committing.

How much does a criminal lawyer cost?

The cost to hire a criminal lawyer varies significantly based on the crimes you have been accused of committing and the time required to prepare your defense. For example, defending a simple DUI matter will require far less time than defending complex white collar crimes or manslaughter charges at trial. However, we will provide you with a comprehensive estimate of the cost during your free initial consultation with a lawyer.

Can you provide a free consultation for my criminal matter?

Yes, we can provide a free consultation with a criminal attorney for your criminal matter. We will ensure that you are aware of your rights and advise you of the next steps in defending your case. Call our law firm for a free consultation with an experienced lawyer today.

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