Meltzer & Bell Secure Positive Outcome for Former Martin County Coach

Meltzer & Bell Secure Positive Outcome

Former Martin County High School coach, Alton Edwards, was sentenced to prison for his involvement in a drug trafficking scheme. However, thanks to the efforts of his legal team at Meltzer & Bell Law Firm, Edwards was able to secure a plea deal that helped minimize his sentence.

Edwards, who had previously worked as an assistant coach for the football team, was accused of using his position to facilitate drug deals. The charges against him stemmed from a larger investigation into drug trafficking in the area. According to court documents, Edwards was caught on wiretaps discussing drug deals with other individuals involved in the scheme. In addition to drug trafficking, Edwards was also charged with bribery, as he allegedly accepted money in exchange for his assistance in the drug deals.

At his plea hearing, Edwards admitted to his involvement in the drug trafficking scheme and accepted a plea deal. With the help of his legal team at Meltzer & Bell Law Firm, Edwards was able to secure a lighter sentence than he might have received otherwise. Despite the judge ultimately imposing the maximum sentence allowed under the plea agreement, Meltzer & Bell Law Firm’s efforts on behalf of Edwards demonstrated their commitment to advocating for their clients and working to achieve the best possible outcome in every case.

The case against Edwards serves as a reminder of the serious consequences that can come with involvement in drug trafficking. It also highlights the importance of experienced legal representation for those facing criminal charges. The successful plea deal achieved by Meltzer & Bell Law Firm on behalf of Edwards demonstrates their dedication to fighting for their clients’ rights and securing the best possible outcome in each case.


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